Newtown Creek Retreat


The Island is  well known for its numerous andbeautiful walking trails, and there are walks to suit all abilities and ages. We are happy to advise you      .

The Coastal Footpath at Hamstead is just yards away. It is a 4.5 mile walk to Yarmouth with beautiful sea and forest views. In the other direction the coastal path passes the site of architect John Nash's Hamstead House and brick-works, (the Retreat was his coachman's cottage) and the Newtown Creek Nature Reserve. There are seals in the Creek and they can sometimes be seen 'fishing' and sunbathing on the banks. The Creek and surrounding land is owned by the National Trust and is an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty; indeed the landscape has changed little since the French Invasion of 1377!

The Hamstead Trail is about half a mile away; it is a 6 mile walk to the 'Dinosaur Coast' at Hanover point, where at low tide dinosaur foot-prints are revealed.